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The Film

Ronan knows that taking three recovering addicts to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain is a big ask, what he can’t foresee is the tempestuous result of his counselling philosophy in action.

In dealing with addiction you’re facing the uncomfortable nature of being human, you’re overcoming something, and it’s the same with the Camino.
— Ronan

Ronan O’Connor is a drug and alcohol counsellor at a rehabilitation centre in NSW, Australia. With a strong sense of the philosophy behind his craft, he believes deeply that “the rescuing element in counselling can do a lot of damage, can kill people in actual fact.”

He is also a great believer in the healing power of long-distance walking. Having walked the ancient Spanish pilgrimage the Camino de Santiago five times before, he invites a group of recovering addicts to walk the 800km path, with him as their guide.

Dave has severe mental health issues. Though he, Amy and Chris have just completed the rehab program, it is agreed that Ronan will not be their counsellor while they share the walk. Ronan knows this will challenge them, potentially to breaking point, and although he’s right in predicting their immense growth, what he can’t forsee is the personal cost to him as a result.

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